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Starosta's Blog
March 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Dearest Friends and Donors,

During the past year or so you have made a donation to our Church. We thank you!
From January 2015 through today we have repaired many aspects of our facilities. The expenses were heavy and with your help we have surmounted the goals. 
September, 2016 PDF Print E-mail

[September 15, 2016] The past 18 months came thru like a blur. We began with renewing our Parish Icon and then proceeded with repairs and maintenance of every corner of our properties. The exterior has a new paint coating, but more importantly, the surfaces  have been repaired and preserved. The cupolas had 69 individual "spalls" that needed to be uncovered, repaired, treated for  future protection and then were cemented over and tile replaced. The cupola crosses received a coat – actually several – of Tnemec gold which should keep them pristine for a couple of decades. Not one room or corner was left untouched. The majority of the work was completed in time for our Parish's 50th anniversary on November 6, 2015. The rest was completed in time for the celebration of St. John's 50th repose anniversary, on July 2, 2016.

We now turn to mechanical repairs. First on the list is our "boiler", the core of the heating system. Its life expectancy is 22-26 years. Ours is 50 years sold. We will schedule replacement for October 2016.

Thank you for your prayers and generous support. 

Week of March 8-15, 2015 PDF Print E-mail

The first weekly lenten discussion on "The Gospel and Orthodox Life" took place on March 1 at Archpriest Serge Kotar's house. The next discussion will be on March 8. The group starts the meeting in the cathedral at 6:00 pm for the Sunday vesper service and then  at 6:30 pm proceeds to the Kotar residence at 451 27th Ave. for the discussion. All are welcome to attend. Both the vespers and the discussion are done in English. Please read Fr. Serge's sermon for Forgiveness Sunday in the SERMONS section of our website.

Maintenance and Repairs PDF Print E-mail

Dear all,
Soon we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Glorification of St. John. We have recently surveyed our cathedral properties and are doing a few touch ups and minor repairs.

During the past two years we have been able to balance our budget. That is a difficult task as we have more clergy and other staff on payroll than any other ROCOR parish in the world. We have services seven days a week, at least two services a day. We keep the Cathedral open from dawn to dusk four days a week to provide opportunities to visit, pray, enjoy the iconography and frescoes and just to peacefully meditate. We are able to provide all within the parameters of regular income.

Today we are faced with an extraordinary problem. The areas above the main roof line need repairs. The cupola areas, the five crosses need refinishing, and so on. We have an engineers report and estimates for repairs are $250,000. But as I said, our budget is balanced and there is no surplus with which to attend to these needs while they are relatively minor. We did much of same and similar work in 2002 and it held up. But with a 50 year old building and the salt sea air, erosion is ever-present. We ask that you share this cost with us.

Thank you
In the photo- the Cross above the main entry was renewed recently and the Parish activity building to the right received new paint in April.